beach time

One day you go to the beach to swim so you pack some food, drinks, towels, sunblock, sunglasses, umbrella, bathing suit and a beach chair. so you get in your car  and drive to the beach. 

Then you arrive you find a nice spot to set up and as your setting up you see something in the sand  it looked just like a glass of water. But then you realize it’s a very hurtful jellyfish it’s stings hurt for a really long time so you pack up your things and head home instead you just go swimming in your pool and have a pool party.       

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in a tall tower. She had dirty blonde hair that was very long and she was very pretty. But let me tell you a story about how she can be saved or can she. Only way to save  her is to be very strong and brave and not a chicken.


There has been many tries to save this princess and to get the rose but you’d have to get by the dragon first.  



This one time she had a lot of  hope not when he first arrived on a scooter but he fought the dragon she jumped excitedly but then he died because he was too  late the rose had died now the princess feared that she will never be free and no one could save her until one day when a handsome charming prince named harry tomptiona. he needed to save the princess.   


He fought the transparent dragon then grabbed the rose ran up 1,555 stairs to the princess he kissed her so the curse would be broken and it was.


One day you and your mom go shopping for groceries so you go to hannaford and you get dog food, dog toys, and some chicken for dinner along with some mac and cheese yum. Then you see you favorite chips salt and vinegar so you ask mom can i please have these chips please please please fine she says so you throw them in the cart as your ready to check them out check out. Then you get in the car and open the bag of chips you say yuck the vinegar was to sharp.

starting a band

So one day you tell your mom that your bestfriend and you are starting a band a band no way your mom says with delight what song are you working on she says you say your working on the song i  not okay by my chemical romance ok she says better get to work ok mom then you here a knock on the door coming you say you open the door and it’s your best friend lisa hi lisa you say come in ok lisa says let’s go and work on our song ok let’s go so your mom follows you up there to see how’s it’s going and it was completely out of tune.   

becoming a queen

One day you go to the beach to have an awesome day and then  you hear on the radio do not go outside and close all your windows now. But you are confused but you go outside anyway to go to the beach the beach is like a block away so you walk and then when you arrive you see these rainbow people and then one comes  behind you and kidnaps you Donn Donn Donn. Then they let you go about a day later but you don’t even know where you are. They say to you what would you like your majesty what did you just call me your majesty yes we did welcome home.


We have a bit of an odd situation for the prompt this week. I’m sure it will get your writers really delving into their imaginations! It is:

… we seemed to be on the television…


Your parents wake you up saying we are going to a studio today you ask are we going to be on tv. I don’t think so then they come on get out of bed so i got out of bed a wore my sunflower dress because it was a special event and i wore my boots with the heel at the very end you show your parents and then you drive to the studio and you go on set and they give you scrips of the play you think we seemed to be on the television. Dunn Dunn Dunn.

haunted house

One day you find yourself moving into a huge mansion it’s been in your family generation for over a hundred years your sister says i bet the house is haunted and i bet you the monster  will eat you and let me stay. You are crying because your so scared. You tell on her your mom says stop scaring him or your grounded. Then suddenly the car stops your dad says were here. You  get out and start bringing boxes in the house then you here creeks and whispers. You feel something tap your arm you scream then you here your sister laugh you run away then you find a door your sister finds you and wonders what is behind the door you are scared that something will happen she opens the door you scream no don’t do it. She opens it then she gets snatch out of nowhere you scream and run to your mom. And say sis is gone your mom faints. Dunn Dunn Dunn

A Day With Faith

One   day i woke up and then i went downstairs to eat breakfest and i had eggs and bacon with a glass of Orange juice.  And then my mom said hey Autum and i said what and she asked me if i could take our dog jewls on a walk so i said fine so then i grab three treats and her leash so we walked out the front door and we are walking and i pass my friend named faith she said hi i said hi and then i asked what she was doing today she said i’m going to see a famous fighter she said i have a extra ticket wanna come.  And i said i’ll have to ask my mom first she said ok hope you can come so i finished walking my dog then i asked my mom if i could go she said yes but before you leave make sure to take a bath i said ok i won’t forget . So then my friend faith came to pick me up so we left and when we got there we went inside and it was huge so we found our seats and we sat down me and faith were messing around and we clumsily fell. So after that me and faith were cheering and screaming for the famous fighter to win i don’t know his name all i know is that he’s one heck of a fighter if you ask me. So we were screaming and yelling then the famous fighter one the match me and faith yellled wah whooo. But then it was time to go home sadly when i  got home i asked my mom if i could spend the night with faith she said yes so me and her danced to our favorite band my chemical romance.